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Steve Pritchard


Oradour sur Glane – The Martyr’s Village

By Steve

On the 10th of June 1944 the sun rose over the idyllic French village of Oradour sur Glane, just like any other morning. The horrific events that would unfold that day could not have been imagined and would change things forever.

Arial shot of Berlin

A Chilling Scream – the Berlin Fall

By Steve

A chilling scream, a falling body, a skateboarding dog and an explosion of lights. Read about my rollercoaster afternoon in Berlin!

Should Have Gone to Bhargava Opticians.

By Steve

Following an unfortunate run-in with a monkey at a Hindu Temple I was left without any glasses. Our Indian guide Aakash devised a cunning plan that took us to an optician in Jaipur.

Indian Village Life

By Steve

Another look at Indian culture, this time through a visit to the rural village of Tordi Garh . A snap shot of life in Rajasthan away from the tourist trail.

Avoid Bank Charges When Travelling Abroad

By Steve

Bank charges on purchases and cash withdrawals can be considerable when you’re abroad. A little planning up front can help to minimise these charges or avoid them all together. Here are my top tips how.

The Revival of Route 66

By Steve

Iconic gas stations, neon lit motels and retro diners – Route 66 is experiencing an amazing revival. In this article I look at what’s driving the renaissance & how you can experience it for yourself.

Across Canada by Rail

By Steve

A gallery post contrasting the journey from Jasper to Vancouver in Summer and Winter.

From Goats to Gators in The Deep South

By Steve

Follow me on a road trip through the Deep South in 500 words. This is a short story I submitted for the National Geographic travel writing competition.

Indian Culture – Harish’s Story

By Steve

Read about my first trip to India and how I started to learn about Indian culture with the help of a one armed souvenir seller called Harish.

Picture of Deeps South plantation house

America’s Deep South part 1. Music & Rhythm

By Steve

You can feel it as much in modern downtown Atlanta as in the sassy French Quarter of New Orleans. America’s Deep South is rich in music, history and culture.

Personal Travel Planner - article link

Why Consider Using A Personal Travel Planner?

By Steve

Planning a trip to somewhere new can be frustrating, stressful and very time consuming. A personal travel planner can help cut through the stress and may save you money in the long term.

Planning a trip to the United States article link

Planning A Trip To The United States

By Steve

The USA is an amazing country which provides so many opportunities for the leisure traveller. Travelling to the States for the first time can be a little daunting – here’s what you need to know.


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