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On this page you will find travel tips and advice covering a range of subjects including pre-travel advice & planning, travel tech & gadgets, safety & security advice and more. This information has proved invaluable to me over the years, as well as to clients I have worked with. I hope that it will be useful to you as well.


Avoid Bank Charges When Travelling Abroad

By Steve June 3, 2020 Travel Advice
Bank charges on purchases and cash withdrawals can be considerable when you're abroad. A little planning up front can help to minimise these charges or…

Why Consider Using A Personal Travel Planner?

By Steve May 13, 2020 Travel Advice
Planning a trip to somewhere new can be frustrating, stressful and very time consuming. A personal travel planner can help cut through the stress and…

Planning A Trip To The United States

By Steve April 16, 2020 Travel Advice
The USA is an amazing country which provides so many opportunities for the leisure traveller. Travelling to the States for the first time can be…

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