The Internet is a fantastic resource – that’s for sure. Today, everybody has the tools to craft their dream trip right at their fingertips. From booking flights & hotels, through to airport transfers and local guides, there are hundreds of resources ready & willing to help. But therein lies the problem – where exactly do you begin? Maybe a personal travel planner could be the answer.

It is easy to find blogs, review sites and social media posts covering every possible destination or itinerary you might wish for. However, each tells its own story from a different perspective. You may spend hours finding what looks like the perfect hotel, only to discover it has appalling reviews on TripAdvisor.

As far back as 1970, the American writer Alvin Toffler predicted the free flow of information through personal computers & a communications revolution. He foresaw what we now call the Internet. Through his work, Toffler brought the phrase ‘information overload’ into common use. It describes the struggle to make decisions when faced with overwhelming amounts of information. That is where we find ourselves today – and I bet even he couldn’t have predicted Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor or Google Places!

How A Personal Travel Planner Can Help

I work with clients from around the world to provide personalised travel planning services. Many are couples, families or small groups who had initially intended to plan their trips themselves. Often they have spent hours researching the best routes, places to visit, the ideal time of year to go and the best accommodation and places to eat. Ultimately, however, they suffer from FOMO – or fear of missing out. Have they really found all of the must-see places to visit? Are there excursions or experiences they’ve overlooked? Are the hotels in a safe part of town? Eventually, they hit the brick wall of analysis paralysis – just as Mr Toffler predicted all those years ago.

Working with a personal travel planner can save you time, frustration and ensure you avoid making costly mistakes. I offer travel planning services for places I am very familiar with. I have visited the destinations many times over the years and they are places I know and love.

All of this experience can be passed on to my clients. I know what the best time of year to go will be as well as the times to avoid. Based on initial discussions with the client, I can recommend experiences & excursions that will be of interest, so you won’t miss anything out. I know the best areas to stay and have experienced local hotels and restaurants. This knowledge is used to create a bespoke travel plan and itinerary which match the client’s specific interests and preferences.

More Than Just An Itinerary

A good personal travel planner will offer more than just a personalised itinerary. In addition, I provide all of my clients with practical travel information and advice for their destination. This may include:

  • Pre-travel advice – from visa requirements to what to pack for the time of year.
  • Areas to avoid along with general safety information.
  • Use of public transport and taxis.
  • Tipping advice.
  • Cultural considerations & local customs.
  • Cost-saving tips and tricks

Impartial Advice

It is common for companies and suppliers to sponsor the travel BLOGs and articles you find on line. What you are reading is often not impartial advice and it is easy to make expensive mistakes. A personal travel planner is totally impartial and can help to avoid these pitfalls. In addition, they will often have additional cost-saving tips to pass on. A small investment up front can save you a lot of stress and money in the long term.

If you are interested in discussing travel planning services, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to discuss your requirements without any obligation. You can find details of the services I provide as well as the destinations I currently cover on my main website.

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